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But at their core, artists and scientists are not so different from one another. Both endeavor to solve our greatest mysteries through the power of imagination. The great American playwright Eugene O’Neill described his work as an effort to explain the mysterious forces behind life that shape human destiny. I suspect Einstein could relate.

Bill O’Brien, National Endowment for the Arts

From The Imagine Engine! or Art and Science, exploring the creative practices of art and science and where they intersect, sometimes outside the comfort zones of either discipline.

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And I like movies, too, and television. They are stories just the same. But it is not just the same because we all see the same light on the screen. With books, the world is much more malleable. My Oxford is not your Oxford. My Panem is not your Panem. My Westeros is certainly nothing like your own. And that is why books are wonderful. These places - these people - they are nearly as much our own creation as the author’s. You want magic? That is one of the most magical things I know.